Passive Income with Rental Houses - Landlording Processes and Forms
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This value-packed download covers the strategies that I've used to build a real estate portfolio worth over 2.5 million dollars. These processes and forms will streamline the Landlording process.  This kit includes my streamlined process for handling marketing, showings, Tenant screening and selection, lease signing, Tenant move-in, rent collection, maintenance, repairs, Tenant move-out, and more. These processes and forms, will help you to quickly get up-and-running, with your own real estate investing business.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!  If your not 100% satisfied, your money will be refunded.

I’ve spent many years, and a great amount of money, studying with some of the most successful real estate gurus. From all of this education, I’ve chosen all of the landlording processes that I found to be most effective. I’ve compiled and simplified those processes into a system, that I feel has the best balance of being lucrative, ethical, and passive. In the interest of helping you to get started, I’ve put together all of the forms, and processes, that I use, into this nice organized package. One very well written form, could save you thousands of dollars. I know, because not having one of these forms, actually cost me over $2,500.  I’m offering this package of carefully worded forms, and processes, at a ridiculously low price. This low price helps me to pay for the production cost of this podcast, which enables me to help more people to create the life they deserve.  Thank you for your support!!

-Adrian McMillian

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