Nitara Osbourne is an award-winning and produced screenwriter, a content writer, and author of the upcoming self-help book Entrepreneurial Artists: Thriving (Not Starving) in the Real World.  She's also an award-winning former college professor, who makes it a point to spend a part of each week mentoring and advising upcoming artists. She's been writing professionally for nearly 20 years -- ever since she made the decision in college to be a screenwriter. Her feature-length film "Running On Empty Dreams" has gone on to win three prestigious Telly Awards and to get distribution at a time before that was "easy" to do. Nitara continues to get contracted by producers and clients to write screenplays, while simultaneously making herself available as a content writer for a variety of marketing companies. Her blog -- "The UnCloseted Professor" ( -- is a professional and personal development blog for entrepreneurial artists who are seeking to make a living through creating their art. Its success is what has inspired the idea for the upcoming self-help book to aid all artists with tangible steps to move forward with their careers.