Over 25 years ago Adrian discovered Jack Canfield’s Success Principles.  Excited to see immediate results in his life, he became passionate with self-improvement, consuming the teachings of the most influential motivational experts, including the works of the most influential speakers, including Tony Robbins, Stephen Covey, Brian Tracy, and Zig Ziglar.  The skills he learned, allowed him to go from living in near poverty, to becoming a successful real estate investor, owning a number of houses, all in prestigious neighborhoods.  Adrian also applied his self-development skills to become a leader in the business world, attaining a Corporate Director position, at a major Hollywood motion picture studio.  The success skills that Adrian acquired, allowed him to transform himself, from a person who would do anything to avoid public speaking, to someone who thrives off of the excitement of speaking on stage.  And, when he’s not teaching people how to achieve their dream life, you can find him on a different type of stage, performing as an award-winning Salsa Dancer.  Overall, Adrian’s greatest happiness and fulfillment, comes from helping and inspiring others!  Adrian continually researches and applies, the most productive processes in goal setting and achieving.  And he prides himself on his ability to effectively train people on how they can transform their lives!  In short, Adrian helps people around the world to accomplish more than they ever thought possible!

What you’ll learn in this episode!
How to harness the power of visualization!
The importance of getting focused!
How to reach new levels of success with a proven system!


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In this episode, you learned about the power of visualization!
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