In my last episode, I talked about the importance of identifying your purpose.  And how your purpose should support your passions in life.  Live that purpose, and follow those passions, and you’ll realize a whole new level of living!  A level filled with excitement and joy!  My guest today is a prime example of a person living their purpose!  Listen as I interview World Champion Salsa Dancer, Instructor, and Choreographer, Liz Lira.  She is arguably the most accomplished woman in the world of salsa dancing.  Besides her many accomplishments, including 25 World Champion Titles, she is a beautiful person, with a kind heart.  And, I’m proud to say she also a dear friend of mine.


Life is full of adversity.  Some people use challenging times as an excuse for living sub-par life.  Other people use their struggles, as fuel for their future!  They find ways to extract lessons from those challenges.  And they grow and learn from their experiences.

Here’s an interesting fact, did you know that originally golf balls were smooth?  Golfers discovered that the balls flew further and straighter, after receiving a few nicks and dents.  So, today golf balls are manufactured with the dimples.

Well, it's the same with people.  Through life we sometimes get knocked around a little.  We hit bumps on the way.  And, we get a few nicks and dents.  With the right mindset, we realize this makes us stronger and more resilient!


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Salsa Dancing

What we now know as Salsa dancing, was born in Cuba in the 1920’s.  The festive dance grew in popularity.  However, the Salsa Dancing that is most popular today, was heavily influenced by Puerto Ricans living in New York, in the 1970’s.  The Puerto Ricans added their own flare, accent, and styling to the dance.  Travel the world and you can still find many different flavors of Salsa dancing, each beautiful and artistic, in their own way.

Step into the world of Salsa Performances, and you’ll find amazing athletes, performing breathtaking maneuvers, at lightning speed.  It’s truly a mesmerizing world!

And when it comes this fascinating world of Salsa Performances, there's one name you will definitely get to know.  And never forget.  That name is Liz Lira.  Liz is accomplished, beautiful, and has a heart of gold!

Considered the “Rose of Salsa”, Liz has won 25 World Champion Titles!
She is the 2015 Grand Prix International Latin Champion!
She’s been a “So You Think You Can Dance” Choreographer.
She’s choreographed for “Dancing with the Stars”.
She’s the Founder and Director of Liz Lira Dance Academy.
She’s been a Latin Grammy's Featured Artist.
She’s the founder of Liz Lira Global Foundation.
The founder of Liz Lira Dance Shoes.
And, Liz has won the Image Award for "Recognition for on-going commitment to International and local youth".
Plus many more accolades.  

Liz Lira Interview

For interview, please listen to the Podcast Episode.

You Can Work with Liz!

Liz is amazingly talented, creative, fun, and gracious!  I know, because I’ve worked with Liz for years.  She’s taken my Salsa dancing to whole new level!  And she can do the same for you!  If you’re interested in working with Liz, go to LizLira.com.  There you can find more information about Liz and the Liz Lira Dance Academy.

My First Salsa Experience

My first trip to a Salsa club, was when I decided to celebrate my birthday at the original Conga Room in Los Angeles.  At this point, I really didn’t know anything about Salsa dancing.  My friends and I had some drinks and pretended to be Salsa dancing.  It was fun.  And, after goofing around for a while, we looked out into the sea of dancers.  I don’t know what my friends saw.  But, what I saw was something amazing!  I saw beautiful, artistic movements.  I saw intricate wraps, and twists, and contortions.  Endless spins.  And happy, happy, happy people!!  And all of the beauty was in rhythm to the hypnotic congas, the smooth bass, and the blasting horns.  I was captivated!!  And I’ve been captivated ever since.  The more I learn, the more I dance, the more I fall in love with the flavor and excitement of Salsa Dancing!

Try Salsa Dancing! 

If you’re looking for a fun new hobby.  A hobby that will provide you with exercise, excitement, and new friends, try Salsa Dancing!  I taught Salsa Dancing for a couple of years.  And, the most rewarding part was knowing that I was showing this amazing world to someone.  The amazing world of Salsa Dancing would be a thrill for anyone!  Especially someone who might really need to find a new social outlet.  Or, an outlet at all.  I met so many people who were timid in social situations.  Felt awkward to be around many people.  But, when they found Salsa, they came alive!!  I live for the those moments!!  It’s the most rewarding thing to know that you helped someone find a world they truly enjoy!!

 If you’ve never Salsa Danced, and the thought of it, sounds interesting to you, look for a class near you.  And, go!  Check it out!  Trying anything for the first time can feel awkward and scary.  However, it’s in trying new things, that we grow and feel alive!  So, try Salsa!!  And, please share your experiences with me!


Last show’s question:
What famous person, does the following Mission Statement belong to?
“To inspire and empower people and organizations to achieve their highest vision in a context of love and joy.”

And the winning answer…
...was submitted by Caleb Carrington, who correctly guessed “Jack Canfield”!!  Congratulations, Caleb!!

Today’s trivia question:
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Again, in what year was Liz Lira a choreographer on “Dancing with the Stars”, for Nicole Scherzinger and Derek Hough?

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